Redmine interfaces for use on iPhone

Added by Captain Chaos over 12 years ago


I am thinking on creating an iPhone App for Redmine. "iRedmine" is nice but I think not what an iPhone App could be and instead of presenting an Issue using a browser an App could present the actual fields.

The current implementation of the REST interface has a major drawback: when doing a query of for example an Issue, that Issue is returned as XML in a minimal form. The API sounds great but when the related tracker has some user defined fields, that Issue returned in XML uses types you can not know in your App.

A solution would be that when doing a query, the result should also specify the data types.

In order to reassign case of a combo-box list all possible items. For example "Assigned to" should list all possible persons. Such information is project specfic, so it makes sense that there should be some query for project settings.

Are there any persons out there who are willing to help? I can focus on the iPhone App but extending the API as well is a little too much.