Subcategories or multiple category tags or multi-select custom fields

Added by Gabe Bourque almost 12 years ago

Let me start out by saying that I'm quite impressed with Redmine and how far it's come.

I'll likely look to implement this but there are a couple features that seem to be either missing or not quite 100%. The biggest one that I think I'll need more than any other (that is outstanding) is:

I'd like to be able to have subcategories or some way of organizing a simple hierarchy within a project. For example, I open a new issue in project A. It involves an issue with project A's web interface. I can categorize that use Category perfectly now. But I'd like to be able to assign a subcategory of 'Admin Screen' along with the category 'Web Interface'. Possible implementations:

1. Create subproject 'Web Interface' to parent project 'A'. I can do this now and it would work but I'd need to be able to be viewing the project 'A' and when I create a new issue, I'd need to be able to create it from project 'A' but for subproject 'Web Interface'. I really don't like this approach even if I could do this.

2. Sub-Category field. This would be perfect but isn't available in trunk (or 0.9.x as far as I know). There is a patch out there but hasn't been touched in a while and has fallen out of sync with code. The only other thing with this though to mention is obviously it's only two level (category->subcategories)

3. Allow selection of multiple category fields. So 'Web Interface' and 'Admin Screen' would be categories and I could chose/tag BOTH of those as categories for the issue. This ok for reporting and whatnot and would satisfy my need I guess.

4. Allow multiple selection of custom fields to basically create a custom field to replace the category field and implement the same as number 3 above.

I may be missing other ideas but from what I've come up with from searching and whatnot, this seems to be it.

Am I missing any new developments or ideas? I'm sort of surprised this feature/function is still outstanding and would love to see a direction taken. I'm willing to participate and help move this forward with the help of others.

Let's start the discussion.


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RE: Subcategories or multiple category tags or multi-select custom fields - Added by Gary Mort almost 12 years ago

Another option, which I have 60% implemented:

Make issues[and anything else you fancy for that matter] taggable on different contexts.

For example, I added "acts_as_taggable_on" to the issue model, and made it taggable for 3 contexts: General, Platforms, Skills

AKA I want to be able to tag an issue for what skills it takes to implement, what platform it is running on, and than a general catch all tag system.

Adding the fields to the views let's me see and update them.

The only hitch at the moment I have is that I can't make the tags updatable from within a plugin as I had to edit a constant in the issue model to get the fields to save.

Once I figure out how to do that, then I can go through and finish building it out for other items[Projects, notes, wiki, documents, wiki, etc] and then hook into the built in tag search functions so one can click on a tag and get a list of all the items associated with the tag.

Any thoughts on what dimensions should be tagged on?[Platforms, Skills, etc]

[Oh, and of course I can then enable acts_as_tagger for users so a user can look at JUST their tags]