Flash interactive Gantt (using Gantt4Flex and Flex)

Added by Cristian Spiescu almost 12 years ago


My team and I, we have been using redmine since 2007 and we are very satisfied with it.

I would like to contribute with a Gantt widget, written in Flex (i.e. compiled as a Flash application), using the Gantt4Flex library:

It would allow a high degree of interactivity: not only see, but also modify directly from the Gantt diagram (e.g. modify task start/end, reassign subtask to other subtask (or target version), expand collapse sections, etc). An example of how this could look like is found here:

What do you think about this?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

PS: I initially posted the message in the "Development" section by mistake, and I cannot move it/delete it from there.