An issue close button in a special way

Added by Clemens Rudert about 11 years ago

Hello everybody

I have a special question. I want to use redmine as an issue tracking system. For that i have a automatic process which write a lot of issues into redmine via the "redmine java API". This works fine. The issues are organisated by projects.

Every time when the automatic process delivers new tickets (often 10 or more) they will be written in the right project. After that the automatic process create another ticket (we call it the "master ticket") which contains all the delivered tickets. This master ticket is assigned to a special user who get a mail. In this way we avoid spam mails because we have just one mail which contains a lot of tickets.

Now the user opens redmine to show the master ticket with the added child tickets. They are listed at the bottom of the master ticket.

I need now a button for each child ticket which can modify the status of the ticket (maybe "done", but not "closed"), and the child tickets should viewed not only by their number and their subject. I need a view with the full description.

This is because we have in our company many older people who cant understand the system of redmine ticket organisation and we hope that our new way will make things easier.

My Qusteion is... Tatatataaaaa:
How can i bring this on? Is it a hard thing or is it possible to do.

Kalle Blomquist