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Added by Clemens Rudert about 11 years ago

Hi Redmine-Community

Is it possible to bring it on? I do a presentation to all the management of the company where i work. Now we want use redmine for our workflows.
Iam quiet new to all this, but i go on to learn.
Now we need in our company the possibility that only special users can see issues in a project. I try to describe it better:

We have a project. In this project we fill in some issues assigned to user X and some issues assigned to user Y. This works in an automatical way. Per day we fill in about 20 to 30 new issues assigned to different users.

The different users work in different companys. So they shouldn't see the issues of the other users. We cant solve the problem with projects because this is not variable enough. This because the users change from time to time and we cant produce a new project for the new users. (the new users also registered automaticly by our automatic process (i described in the upper part) for the first time)

Now i found some patches for this. I tried some of them but i can't bring it on. Can anyone give me a hint. Maybe it is not such a big thing. This will be really helpful to me.

Kindly Regards
Clemens Rudert

PS: we use Redmine 1.1.2 for tests and later 1.1.3 for production