Redmine + Email + Issue Creation

Added by Nourdine Nourdine over 12 years ago


I have tested :

rake -f /var/lib/redmine/Rakefile redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" port=993 ssl=1 username=my_mail password=my_password folder=Support --trace

I have this results :
  • Invoke redmine:email:receive_imap (first_time)
  • Invoke environment (first_time)
  • Execute environment
  • Execute redmine:email:receive_imap

But I can not create an issue , please give me what the format of mail to use in order to create an issue, I need a real example.

Thanks By advance

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RE: Redmine + Email + Issue Creation - Added by Tony Ordner over 12 years ago

You may want to include a default project:

CALL rake redmine:email:receive_imap unknown_user=accept RAILS_ENV="production" host=somehostname port=993 ssl=true username=nameofuser password=somepassword project=unsorted tracker=email-request allow_override=project,tracker,priority --trace

You may also want to make certain your non-member and anonymous roles can create issues.

good luck