New "commercial" (FREE) offering under development

Added by J. Simmons over 10 years ago

Please forgive me if I am stepping outside of the forum code of conduct. I attempted to reach Jean-Philippe Lang by email but have not heard back from him yet, and I honestly believe our project would be of interest to the Redmine community.

I am the president of a non-profit working in open source spaceflight hardware. One of our projects is developing a web portal for hosting open source hardware projects called Open Design Engine. We decided to build Open Design Engine on top of Redmine because it was such a great fit (good set of core features, great plugin infrastructure and library, etc). Our approach is to create a kind of "distribution" of Redmine where we package Redmine core and the set of plugins we use for our hosted service.

Our current version is a private alpha to demonstrate our vision for the site. We are raising funds on KickStarter to pay for the development of three new plugins we feel we need run a public hosted service. They are a Terms of Service plugin (modeled after Drupal's Legal Plugin), a licensing plugin to provide a unified way of presenting the open source licenses for projects on the site, and a set of wiki macros to allow users to embed various fundraising links in Redmine. Naturally, all of these plugins will all be open source. I hope these plugins will also be useful to the larger Redmine community.

We'd really appreciate it if folks could help us spread the word about the KickStarter. And, we'd obviously also appreciate any pledges. Thanks for reading.