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Added by Clemens Rudert almost 11 years ago

Hello everybody

I need help in a difficult issue. I want change the landing page for some users of my redmine application. So let me explain it a little more:

I have 6 projects in each I have some users who are old (not really but a little clumsy by using a cumputer) and they get sometimes an issue from me. The different projects because a user XY from project a shouldn't see issues from project b but XY should see all issues in project a, also the issues which are assigned to user YY.

My vision is now, that i modify the controllers, views etc. So that the users who are members of project 1-6 automaticly rederected to a page which contains:
  • all Issues of the project (no editing only show)
  • a logout button
    All the other stuff of redmine is very confusing for my users and they are not able to use it. I tried it for some weeks.

I tried a few things. Which means edit controllers and views and make a new view. But when i load readmine and try to login there are a plenty of errors.
I find a Method? in the model "user", the name is "member_of". This needs a project and give back true if the current user is member and false if he is not. With that I want to modify the controller "account_controller" in the method "successful_authentication". (something like "if user.member_of("blub")=>redirect_to...)

I hope i can find some help here. And i hope my explanation is ok. Sorry for my bad english.


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RE: Change redmines start page - Added by Caroline Boisson | Altic almost 11 years ago


You can try the plugin "redirect to after login" that allows you to choose an other landing page for your user.
The "buts" are that you choose on page for all users, but My Page is a good choice. Else you can create a report in the page "all issues" that is "create by me" or "assigned to me" and then redirect you user to it.



RE: Change redmines start page - Added by Clemens Rudert almost 11 years ago

Hi Caroline

I was waiting for a reply a long time. Thank you very much for answering on my question. While the waiting time i tried a little around and it works. But iam not realy proud of what iam did. Because i only overwrite with my plugin the following things (dependent to the user who logged in):
  • the welcome page
  • the whole application layout

So i have in each file a section for special users (use if ... render special section of file) and a section for all other users (use if ... render normal section of file)

I have the whole logic in the views. This is not very intelligent because now i need a new layout for a new group of users. For that i must extend the files with a new section. Probably you will know what this means. It is very static and not as using a web frame work like ruby on rails.

So i try your way. Thanks for the hint. Maybe i can ask you if i have other problems with this issue.

So again Thank you very much and i whish a nice pre christmas time.


RE: Change redmines start page - Added by Frank Jimenez over 10 years ago


Yes, I tried redmine plugins/landing paghe and it works.
tacfit commando: