Issue 'updated' field doesn't match to issue history

Added by Nick Sneg about 8 years ago

Hi, all

I want to ask is it a proper behavior: the 'updated' time in issues list may differ from the last record in issue history.
The reason is obvious - in issues list I see the value from issues.updated_on field, which is updated by mysql automatically on
each record update. And issue history is taken from journals table.

It seems to me that from the user's point of view it would be more correct to show the timestamp of the last record from journal table.
Because issues table has a lot of fields and most of them are used for internal purposes. Also some plugins may add their custom
fields to the issues table and use them internally. This logic isn't seen by users. At the same time they can see that the issue
was updated, but there is no any record in the issue's history. So it might look like a bug. Do you agree that from the user's point
of view it's a bit confusing?

I've paid attention to this after I've installed scrum2b plugin that adds custom field s2b_position to the issues table and
uses it for issues sorting. The first time I ran this plugin in the project scrum2b plugin updated all visible issues setting s2b_position
field (for sorting purpose). It made all issues in that project became unexpectedly updated, but nothing changed from the users point
of view. As a result it made impossible to use field "updated" in filtering/sorting issues because all issues became updated at one moment.

Bytheway, currently I'm using Redmine version 2.3.2. So maybe it is already changed in the following versions. If it is, sorry for wasting
your time.