"Unwatch" link in e-mail

Added by Stéphane Gourichon over 8 years ago


There are many situations where Redmine is used as communication between two sets of people:
  • one small set using Redmine all the time as their primary tool
  • another possibly much bigger set, with high turnover, of people not familiar with redmine.

I've seen many questions involving such a setup, the most common being a company-internal or customer-facing helpdesk and similar.

The trouble come when the second group is okay with e-mails but their login to Redmine is difficult or even impossible.

Some changes would be useful for the second, big, set of people:

  • in each mail, a hint like "you received this notification because: you are assigned / you are watcher / ..."
  • a "unwatch" button: unwatch in a single click. Why ? It makes possible setups where some people are watchers by default of any new issue of some project, but may opt-out easily.
  • a "watch" button: to become watcher again (probably you have kept at least one e-mail on the topic)

The "watch" button can also be useful when one forwards an e-mail to another user: that user can watch the topic.

(An alternative answer is that Redmine considers users being able to login a "must", so move away to some other issue tracker that allows pure e-mail based workflow.)

Thank you for your attention.