Non-text (doc, pdf etc) file management using Redmine?

Added by Marianne Promberger over 13 years ago

I'm thinking of setting up Redmine on a server for a project that has nothing to do with software, IT or computers.

It's a bigger research grant with a team across universities and quite a (growing) number of individual projects with different team members on each.

From what I can currently tell, the main uses we are seeking are:

  • up- and download and sharing of files that get updated by different people. These should not be visible to the general public.
  • Have wikis and a forum so some discussion can be moved from email to online, to reduce deluge of email and headaches about whom to cc
  • Time management and Gantt charts may be nice but are not our top priority and may never really be used. (I'm the most techie person on the team)

My main question is whether Redmine is suitable for up- and download and storage of files like .doc and .pdf. In terms of permissions, I think it should be fine for all team members to have access to everything -- but not non-logged-in-users.

If not (or even if yes) does anyone have a recommendation for a different tool (FOSS please) that might be better suited to our situation?