Possible to import old Trac tickets into an existing install with tickets?

Added by Ibrahim Awwal over 14 years ago

We moved from Trac to redmine, although the Trac instance was not used much in the recent past because it was kind of cumbersome. Now I'm noticing that some of the really old commit messages in our source repository are being linked to new tickets that we've made. Is it possible to import the old tickets into Redmine somehow and bump up the numbers on the new ones so that they don't collide? I guess it's not a really big issue, but it's just kind of weird. In the end, we might decide that we don't want the clutter of all the old tickets on Redmine, but it would be interesting to know whether there is a way to do it. I'm guessing I'd have to write a script to do it, which I guess I wouldn't be averse to.