Moving Redmine from Window machine to Linux machine

Added by Amit Ben Shahar almost 10 years ago

Hi everyone,
As the title says, we want to move our redmine installation from a Windows machine to a Linux machine, and could not find any documentation with specific instructions.

Is there anything we should consider? or do we simple make a new redmine installation on the new linux machine and backup/restore the database?


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RE: Moving Redmine from Window machine to Linux machine - Added by John Reynolds almost 10 years ago

Hi Amit,

I moved from Windows to Ubuntu 9 about a little over a year ago. I would have preferred to keep it in Windows, but I'm not a ruby guy and trying to deal with the versioning and RubyInstaller for windows (which seemed to be languishing at the time) was getting more difficult. Fortunately for me, things were pretty simple for the migration.

Take a backup of the mysql database, the saved attachments folder and configs and bring them to the linux machine.
Get Redmine working on linux enough so that your configs and permissions (more tweakable on Linux) are working fine. I used my old ones from the Windows box as a template, and just followed initial install instructions here to ensure I didn't miss anything.

When you set up the mysql box on Linux, make sure that everything security and setup is the same as the windows boxen, which will make things easier in the long run. After you've restored your files (and replaced security on them) and got your configs working nicely, restore the mysql database.

That's pretty much it. I restarted services and things came back up fine. You should note that I didn't have anything else really complicated going on such as SVN integration, etc.

Hope that gets you started.