interface customization

Added by Julien Purjuju about 9 years ago

Hi all! :)

I need your help for some customizations:

  • On OVERVIEW page: on "member list", How to hide reporter list ?
  • On NEW ISSUE page: For Reporters, How to hide the following fields:
    - Status
    - Assigned
    - Start date
    - Due date
    - Estimated time
    - % Done
  • On NEW ISSUE page: How can I move/decide position's fields?
  • E-MAIL NOTIFICATION: when we recieve an e-mail notification, the e-mail subject is made like this: Issue name
    How can I remove - tracker name #tracker number?
  • Last question: For reporters, how can I configure Redmine to lead them in "new issue" page straight after they click on project's name ?

By advance, thank you very much for your help.


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