Two projects, same SVN repo - best practice?

Added by Axel S about 10 years ago


I am new to the version-controlled world, but am very impressed with a Subversion and Redmine setup after running it a few weeks!

I just wonder if I have chosen the best strategy for configuring the repository settings in Redmine.

I have two PHP projects in a single repo, organized like this:

  • main\appA
  • main\appB
  • shared

My Redmine setup has one main projects - and three subprojects "App A", "App B" and "Shared". I have not configured a repo in the main project, but the three subprojects I have configured the corresponding subdirectory SVN URLs.

So far it looks like this gives a good good overview in Redmine, since I can follow the activity for the whole repo in the main project, and can go to the subprojects to see what's happening for the specific app. I have to note that the shared folder now mainly is used to keep public classes like Zend and PEAR updated. Often we update both appA and appB in the same commit, as they have simular functionality.

I am courious if this is a decent setup that will survive the test of time. Any thought about this, tips or best practice on the subject?

Idea: Ability to configure the repo only once (to the main project). And a flexible way to designate subfolders in the repos to subprojects in Redmine.

Thanks and Best Regards!