Receiving emails: adding to history vs. creating issues

Added by Dave Thomas over 10 years ago

Hi everybody,

Here's my situation. We're using Redmine to track work (creating artwork for ads) for clients. Each client's artwork is an issue and our customer service staff progress through the workflow from collecting the basic info to (hopefully) client approval. It's working beautifully - I love Redmine.

I now want to implement some automated email processing. I've got email importing working on my test server and I've found that the default behaviour is not quite what we need.

Each client's ad is an issue. When we include the issue number (eg. re: [#12345] in the subject), it works just the way I would like it to - the email and any attachments are added to that issue.

When the client omits the issue number, a new issue is created. This is not the desired behaviour.

What I would like is a way to take the new issue that was created and somehow move it into the original issue (just like what happens when the issue number is included). Now I know that the new issue can be attached as a subtask, but that's not quite the same.

I might be missing something, but I've thoroughly explored the Redmine interface & I can't find an option that allows this.

Any suggestions?