Redmine developer wanted

Added by delfo esposito about 10 years ago

Hi Folks

My name is Delfo and I’m working in the Business Efficiency team of a group in charge of card software customization at

We have lately chosen redmine as our group (about 100 people in 5 centers WW) project management tool and analyzed features we would like to implement in order to make the platform suitable for our specific needs.
Today we have two internal resources working on it, but as the most skilled one is going to leave the company we are looking for a replacement in order to implement the customs identified

We are looking for a skilled redmine developer which should implement part of the requirements , the idea would be to implement from start of july till end of august.
I think for most of the requirements some plugins are already available so it would be a fine tuning rather than a developing from scratch.

The best candidate would be based in Prague or Singapore, English speaker and with good team work and communication skills.

Let me know if you are interested or know somebody which could and we’ll may setup a call to discuss it further