How to accept messages from unknown email address?

Added by simon b over 12 years ago


I'm using ldap for authentication, and the possibility for many users to submit tickets. I also need the ability to submit issues via email for most users.

However, some users send email with a aliased address, rather than the entry contained in the ldap database. this means that redmine won't process the issue.

is there a way that redmine could either

1) accept the email, process the new issue and author it with a default owner?

2) allow multiple email addresses to be entered in the user account details, so that a match can be performed on the mail address?

for example, username fbloggs, might have email address of , , or , or


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RE: How to accept messages from unknown email address? - Added by Brennan Johnson over 12 years ago

I too would love a solution for this issue.

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