[Webrick] Issue submit with attachments failing with -d production ( but works fine with - e production option )

Added by Rupesh Helwade almost 9 years ago

I am running Redmine on Solaris machine with following commands

ruby /opt/redmine/script/rails server webrick - e production ( This works perfectly fine )
-- Is there any way the output log is redirected to a file than being displayed on screen?

But when I run it using
ruby /opt/redmine/script/rails server webrick -d production
everything works OK other than attachments.
When an attachment is added and the issue is submitted, I see attached error message.

The production: & development:
entries in both database.yml and configuration.yml are same and identical.

The access level for /redmine folder are given with chmod -R 755 /redmine
The ownership of folders is with the user "redmine" which started the application/server.

Can anyone help inthis regard.