Redmine getting hung up and pulling 100%CPU load

Added by John H almost 8 years ago

Hey guys,

I recently moved redmine over from one server machine to another. Both machines have the exact same specs (Windows Server 2008R2: 16GB RAM: MySQL6: Tomcat7.0), however I'm running into the issue of redmine hanging up and pulling 100% cpu through the Tomcat7 server more frequently on the new machine. This happened before, but much much less frequently (happening about every hour or so now).

When I restart the Tomcat server redmine runs great until it hangs up again. It seems random, and I have checked all logs (nothing in the redmine logs, and nothing of value in the tomcat logs).


No plugins, however I did rake the cke editor stuff, but ended up deleting the cke editor awhile ago when it caused redmine to hangup all the time.

Any ideas what could be causing this, or how I could solve it?