Redmine Eclipse SVN

Added by Filip Sabo about 7 years ago


I am new user to Eclipse and to Redmine, so sorry if my questions sound as easy to solve.

My final goal is to integrate eclipse (our programers work in eclipse) and redmine issue tracking. If the problem refers to software bug, then the assignee or developer (or whatever) access the code and corrects it, this step needs to be displayed in Redmine together with the version of the code (by my understanding this is acomplished with SVN).

Is this possible in Redmine?

My installation of Redmine has the SVN v 1.8.x and I have also installed SVN plugin for Eclipse, have simply connected repositories in Redmine and eclipse, but I am not sure this is the right way to do it. When I change a simple println code in eclipse nothing happens in Redmine repos. On the other hand when I create new folder in eclipse, this is shown in redmine as a new revision.

I have read about mylyn connector but I am again unsure that this is the solution to my problem.

Finally, my installation of Redmine is:
Bitnami Redmine stack 2.6.0-1, this also includes SVN.

I have browsed a lot for something like this theme but could not find the adequate solution.

Any kind of help will be significant to me.