Create issue by selecting project, and get resolved time in redmine question

Added by li an about 8 years ago

I have 2 questions when using redmine.

1.Is there solution to make "create issue" not in the project view, but in the main menu of redmine?
For testers, they hope to create issue not by jumping into each project to create, but can create issue by choose project, you can refer to the attached picture, I hope there is such feature, but I cannot find how to implement it in redmine...I think it is basic feature, that creating issue can select project, is there any settings or plug-in can help with it?

2.We need to collect issue resolved time, but redmine only can display created and closed time using fields "created", "closed", is there solution to get the time when the issue status is changed to resolved, but not closed?

Thanks much, if anyone can help with these 2 questions.