Help with the Redmine and GIT inegration

Added by decibel 83 over 7 years ago

I installed Redmine and now I am trying to understand how to better integrate it with GIT.
Redmine is installed on the same server where the GIT repositories are, so I can just add the GIT repository path in the Redmine project.
I integrated Redmine with LDAP (Active Directory) so I need to also integrate GIT with LDAP to let developers to push with the same user/password they use on Redmine.
So I have to ways to do this: integrate local users with LDAP and push on GIT with SSH or integrate Apache with LDAP and push on GIT with HTTPS.
But... Is it possible to push with Redmine and use it's same authentication?

Could you clarify me well how this works?

Thank you very much for your help!