Adding additional attributes to issue creation via email

Added by James Holle over 13 years ago


I have recently discovered Redmine. Wholly impressed with its already rich feature-set and sophistication, I am now pushing it in my company as viable alternative to commerical software. One feature I am currently working with extensively is its email interface. We have a need to create a change log for all of our hosts in our environment. I decided to try and implement this into Redmine to utilize and demonstrate its flexibility. I created a new tracker "ChangeLog" holding closed issues that mainly contain a specific category (Hostname) and subject (changed made on machine). Creating this by email gives us two things: (1) Things like author and time are automatically added when created, and (2) I will use a quick, easy custom outlook form/macro to enter this information via email in real-time.

My problem is that only a few issue attributes, such as priority, status, category, are settable via email. I would like to add either a start or end date so the issues will populate the calendar. Also, although some posts reference the ability to specify the the description of the issue using a "Description: <words>" line, it does not work. Therefore, the entire email is found in the description field--which is annoying and wastes space.

I have spent a few day looking through the code (sorry, new to ruby :( )and tried different options to my redmine:email:receive_imap raketask to no avail. Am I missing something, or is this not currently possible? I feel this would be a great solution to my problem if I could only set more issue attributes at creation.

Or, if you have any better ideas of how to accomplish this, I would love to hear them. The main requirement is to log host changes in about 15 secs without having to log in to an app. Thanks everyone. ##############
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