Debian and Redmine versions

Added by Leoš Literak over 6 years ago

I have installed Redmine on Debian Jessie using apt-get. A redmine administration says that it is 2.5.2 version though debian claims that 3.0 version package is installed. I found that debian package information is wrong:

I face a decision now whether to wait for debian package maintainers to prepare newer package or install upgrade myself with developer provided package:,

My first question is about debian. I know it is little conservative distro but 2.5 series is two years old. Is there a safe way to use a debian package with more fresh version and not to mess the things up? I read an article to not create franken-debian, that mixing packages from different debian versions is a wrong thing.

My second question is about upgrading debian package with redmine package. Debian maintainer used debian way paths. I worry that either an upgrade will fail or an installation will not work because paths will be different. How to do it safely?