Moving on from Turnkey Linux

Added by Shak Shak over 5 years ago

After 3+ years of running a personal Redmine server via TKL, I need to migrate to new hardware. My environment currently looks like:

Redmine version 2.2.3.stable
Ruby version 1.9.3 (x86_64-linux)
Rails version 3.2.12
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2

Which is pretty old. The latest TKL image has the following:

Thu, 2016/04/14 - 12:21
Upstream source component versions: redmine 3.2.0

Which is also pretty outdated. So I've decided to install my own latest and greatest, and to maintain that myself. Since Redmine is so flexible, there seems to be a lot of options here, and unfortunately in this case no "opinionated defaults". So apologies in advance for such subjective questions but:

1) What Linux distro can be considered "the default"?
2) What database can be considered "the default"?
3) What web server can be considered "the default"? (Passenger (aka mod_rails), FCGI or a Rack server (Unicorn, Thin, Puma, etc)

I'd be happy to use whatever the developers of Redmine use.

Once I have the new instance up and running, what's my best option to migrate the data from my old 2.2.3 install? Via an export/import or file copy? Again, I've seen a few non opinionated ways to do this - assume I've running no plugins.

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RE: Moving on from Turnkey Linux - Added by Shak Shak over 5 years ago

For completion, I chose Debian, with Postgres and will eventually host via Puma and NGINX.

I used yaml_db to extract my data from the legacy setup, migrated my fresh install to the legacy db version, used yaml_db to load the data, and then proceeded with the migrate on that newly seeded database.