Unable to upload the msg file via creating issue via email

Added by rony f almost 4 years ago

Dear all,

When i create new issue via sending email with attachments with msg format(1.jpg) , the msg files can't be uploaded in this new issue but only show the pictures that in the msg files(2.jpg).

Can you help to check how to fix this?

BTW, if i upload the msg files to the issue via website or reply the email that was sent from redmine after new issue created, the msg files will be uploaded with file format(3.jpg).

I also tested to creat an issue with email with msg attachemt without picture in the attachment ,but the msg was also not uploaded to the new issue. that means can't create issue via email that attach files?

Looking forward to the reply!
Addtional request:

When i add a user as a watcher in my project that means this watcher also needs permission to my project? or any other way to allow this watcher receive the email notifcation about the issue even don't assign the permissio to the user.

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