Running bundle command in Linux machine using shell script

Added by mahesh m over 3 years ago


I am trying run bundle command in Linux machine using a shell script which later fetch mails from server to create tickets in the tool.

But in manual execution of that commands will work and fetch the mails but not via script.The execution stops at line 4 and not proceeding further to run file.

cd $redmine
./ //Stopping at this stage

cd $htdocs

bundle="bundle exec rake redmine:email:receive_pop3 RAILS_ENV="production" RAILS_ENV="production" port=110 url=http://localhost/redmine key=xxxx username= password=xxx apop=0 unknown_user=create project=xx-xxx allow_override=project --trace"



-bash-4.2# cd redmine
-bash-4.2# ./use_redmine

bash-4.2# cd /redmine/apps/redmine/scripts/ // Not executing this line
Some configuration data is already loaded.
bash-4.2# cd /redmine/apps/redmine/htdocs
bash-4.2# bundle install

Please let me know how to run the bundle using that commands.

cmd.JPG (64.9 KB)