Help with Embedded plugin in Windows

Added by Tim M over 11 years ago


I'm trying to get the embedded plugin working on a Windows installation of Redmine. Currently I have the plugin installed, db updated, and the "Embedded" tab is showing up in my project menu, but when I go to the tab, it just displays a white screen.

The project name is "Test Project" and the project identifier is "testproject"

In the file system I've created the folder structure "C:\var\doc\testproject\html\" and javadoc html documents contained inside the "html" folder. To eliminate any potential file/folder security problems until I can get the Embedded plug-in working, I've given 'Everyone' full control of all contents of C:\var and all subdirectories. The ..\html directory does contain an index.html file which I can open locally in Internet Explorer and the page is displayed correctly.

In the Embedded plugin settings, I've tried all the variations I can think of, such as the standard "/var/doc/{PROJECT}/html", "C:\var\doc\{PROJECT}\html", "C:/var/doc/{PROJECT}/html" and other variations but nothing seems to work - the Embedded tab only displays a white screen so it does not seem to be reading the files correctly, if at all.

The "Default template" is set to 'javadoc', and the Files encoding has been left as the default (UTF-8).

Do I need to define settings in Apache for the doc folder, or should the Embedded plugin be able to access and display the files from anywhere on the file system, as long as user permissions and the Embedded plugin settings are set properly for the folder?