Need clarification on how to update or post data to redmine

Added by Thirumala Chary over 1 year ago

Hi Team,

We are trying to update and post the data to Redmine. We are getting 401(Authorization Required) error.
Please find below credentials which we are using.

We are using below type of code with to update and post data.

var httpClient = new HttpClient();
var username = "ramsytesting";
var response = new HttpResponseMessage();
var password = "ramsytesting";
var postData = "Data which we want to post to Redmine"

String authInfo = AuthProvider.BasicAuthProvider.UserName + ":" + AuthProvider.BasicAuthProvider.Password;
authInfo = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(authInfo));
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", authInfo);
var jsonContent = jsoninput;
var httpContent = new StringContent(jsonContent);
response = await client.PutAsync("", httpContent).ConfigureAwait(false);