Applying Redmine with Gitosis patches. Am I doing it right?

Added by Yitzhak Bar Geva almost 13 years ago

There's this lovely thread:
which describes how to patch Redmine in order to integrate Git via Gitosis. In fact, the participants kindly included the patches themselves.
My problem is that I couldn't figure out in which order the patches had to be applied, or whether it was necessary to apply them all, or rather, if each subsequent patch is the cumulative patch of those which proceeded it.
After a number of abortive attempts, the only thing which seemed to work was as follows:
git clone redmine
git checkout 0.8.2
git am -3 ../0004-Redmine-management-of-Git-repositories.patch

That gave me some whitespace errors which I consider benign.
Did I do it right? I ignored the three previous patches, those beginning with 0001, 0002 and 0003.
It worked only when I performed git am -3, not git am (without the minus three).
The thread indicated that the patches are applicable against tag 0.8.2
Thanks for your assistance,

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Applying patches to Redmine - Added by Yitzhak Bar Geva almost 13 years ago

Let me ask it this way:
Could anyone with experience in applying patches to Redmine kindly assist? I have the new Git book from O'Reilly (by Jon Loelinger). I've valiantly been trying to understand the chapter on patches, but it's complex (at least to me).
With regard to me question, should I apply all the patches sequentially? Or, is the most recent the "winner"?
Also, what is the recommended patching procedure in general?
Assistance is highly appreciated.
Thank you.