Problem patching in Windows?!?

Added by Abdul Nafay over 11 years ago

Hi! i am trying to patch #3614 (export_issues_to_pdf_csv.diff) to my windows version of Redmine. I installed this via Bitnami installer. I can't seem to patch this file! I am new to Redmine and all this. What i know and have done so far is this!

1) Downloaded patch program for windows. And from cmd, i went to directoy where redmine is installed (apps, config, test etc folders). Did command "c:\bin\patch.exe -p0 < export_issues_to_pdf_csv.diff" This gave me a kind of strange statement that there is garbage in the file, something like this. Btw my .diff file was in the folder where patch.exe application exists. After i failed here, i explored TortoiseSVN.

2) Alex Mendes told me that i have to use SVN to retrieve Redmine development build. Not sure why, I used Tortoise SVN and checkout svn:// . Files were downloaded to a new folder i created. I don't know what to do afterwards with all these files.

How can i get this patch working. I would really really appreciate if somebody could go out of way and explain it in detail how to patch in windows. I searched everywhere but could not locate a single article explaining this. Everywhere i looked it was related to a specific tool. Its disturbing that the patch instructions on this portal are just not useful for newbies.

Looking forward to your help. I'll appreciate it. Thanks!