Setting the LDAP bases DN

Added by Andy McMaster about 13 years ago


Finally have Redmine up on its own server but need to restrict access to it. I have set up an LDAP authentication with a base DN of:


This works fine and everyone in the organisation can access it OK. I have on the fly user creation working as well.

However, I want to restrict access to just my department. Using JXplorer I have identified the DN of the group I want to authenticate against as :

CN=FAG-App-Redmine,OU=File Access Groups,OU=User Groups,DC=organisation,DC=gov,DC=uk

When I set the base DN to this I get all logins assigned to this LDAP Authentication failing.

How do I sort this out? Can Redmine handle this or is it just my DN that is wrong? Or do I need to create a group at a higher level? The group actually just contains other groups. Do I need to have it explicitly contain the valid logon IDs?

Also, if I have several Authentication methods defined, which one gets used when a new user accesses the system>

Any help would be much appreciated?