How to set up Redmine with SSL?

Added by Ibrahim Awwal over 14 years ago

Hi guys,
I'm trying to configure a redmine installation that another guy set up initially. Right now he's too busy to help, and I'm kind of bored so I'm trying to set up as much as I can since we're already behind schedule. How can I set up Redmine to use SSL? We are using Apache2 with Phusion Passenger. SSL is already set up for other webapps on our site. I haven't been able to find a descriptive guide on how to do this anywhere, or at least I can't find anything that seems to apply to my situation. Thanks!

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RE: How to set up Redmine with SSL? - Added by Eric Davis over 14 years ago

If you're using Apache and passenger, you should just be able to setup SSL like any other Apache host. Here's my current Redmine Apache configuration with SSL:

Eric Davis