Burndown Chart does not display in IE

Added by Chuck H about 11 years ago

The burndown chart does not display properly in Internet Explorer (see attached screenshot.) I also get the following error:

Line: 170
Char: 11
Error: Invalid argument
Code: 0
URL: http://mysite/redmine/rb/burndown_charts/15?project_id=1

It seems to work fine in Firefox but many of our users have corporate restrictions that only allow them to use IE. Is there a workaround or an anticipated future release that will fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Burndown_Chart_IE.png - IE Screenshot (13.1 KB)

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RE: Burndown Chart does not display in IE - Added by Aniruddha Sharma almost 11 years ago

I ddnt see any update on this issue. Accessing redmine, on IE, the usual browser, seems to be a big problem and the only choice left is Mozilla. Even in Mozilla there are features/links which are not working.

Can we get some attention here?