Plugin to send emails about php and mysql errors

Added by Pavel Loginov over 7 years ago

While developing our projects we have created a service, which sends out an email upon any php/mysql error, which occurs in a project (trunk/stable/live - and/or). The email contains all the details about an error and the error message itself.

The email is sent to those guys who have a corresponding redmine-role for a particular project ("commit access" in our case) and therefore does not bother other members of the project team. Of course, the service can be turned on and off on a project basis as well.

This thing helps us to promptly fix errors and bugs and I thought it might be useful for the community too. It might take some time to finalize it to become a standalone plugin for redmine, but firstly wanted to check if there is any interest in such a plugin from you guys.

What do you think?