[redmine_meetings] events available in HTML but not displayed in browser

Added by Dustin Peterson almost 7 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am using the redmine_meetings plugin (https://github.com/amartel/redmine_meetings) and in redmine 2.3 it worked pretty well. Since I upgraded to Redmine 2.4.2 I am having a strange issue: When I am creating new meetings, the meetings are created normally as datasets in the database and the emails are sent correctly. Unfortunately, there are no meetings visible in the calendar - neither in the monthly, nor in the daily view. First, I thought there might be an issue in getting the data from the database.

By using Firefox' Firebug add-on, I found out, that there is HTML code for each meeting in the calender view - in the monthly one as well as in the daily one. Although there is HTML code, none of the data is displayed in the browser (tested with firefox, google chrome, rekonq, opera) - it seems, that there is no entry.

That means, one of the elements must be set invisible via CSS. I found out, that if I remove the CSS class "tooltip" from the meetings boxes (they have the CSS classes "meetings, days, tooltip"), the meetings become visible in the calendar, but it does not seem to display correctly (overlapping boxes and so on).

Is it a problem with redmine 2.4 support or did someone already recognize such an issue?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards