ERPmine 1.1 for iOS & Android Released

Added by Amutha R over 2 years ago

We are happy to announce the release of ERPmine 1.1 for iOS and Android, Please download it from Apple's App store and Google's Play store.Please check it out and provide your feedback.

ERPmine is an ERP for Service Industries. It can be used by Companies which work on client projects and bill them based on the work completed. Examples are Call centres, BPO, IT Consulting companies, Construction Companies etc,. It runs on Redmine . Following are the modules
1) Time & Attendance
2) Attendance
3) Payroll
4) CRM
5) Billing
6) Purchasing
7) Inventory
8) Accounting
9) Project Management

Release Notes for ERPmine 1.1 for iOS and Android



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