How to Synchronise Redmine between two organizations?

Added by Jan K. about 2 years ago

Well, we have a serious issue how to use Redmine between two companies when both of them use Redmine.

We cooperate with our sw supplier and we show them our Redmine. They like it and then they started to use Redmine for them as well. And this is a problem now!
Because we track all issues in OUR Redmine and they also track all their issues in THEIR Redmine we are not abůle to synchronise it easily. Only way is to rewrite the comment/task from one Redmine to another.

An Example: We create an Issue in OUR Redmine. They receive an email and they have to create a task in THEIR Redmine. Then they write a comment in THEIR redmine but the comment is not written in OUR Redmine...

If there was a Add-on to link two tasks in two different Redmine which will synchronise all comments, this would solve the problem.

Any Idea how to solve the problem when two companies cooperate and both of then are using Redmine?