ERPmine v4.6 Released

Added by Arunkumar Thangavel 2 months ago

We are happy to announce the release of ERPmine plugin version 4.6

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Release Notes for v4.6

- Allow default choice for Check box and Radio button type survey questions.
- Change Item Dropdown list based on invoice type.
- Create a page to assemble inventory items.
- Does not allow admins to edit their own clock records.
- Allow customization of salary type at the user level.
- Add configuration for amount in words.
- Add tax number field for Account module.
- Display consumed Material list in issue detail page.
- Include a "New Row" link below the table as well.
- Allow old users in the Referred By list.
- Auto populate the Approved leaves in empty timesheets.
- Change Rating field into a dropdown in interview page.
- Add an interview type dropdown.
Bug fixes:
- Auto populate the holiday description also in timesheet.
- Format all pages Edit/Delete URLs.
- Issues are not loaded When clicking issue logger.
- Display the current date clock records only.
- The interview page displays the wrong menu selection.
- The translation of some labels is wrong in some languages.


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