CLOSED - Calculation in the time booking function and check for duplicate bookings

Added by Bernd Malyszewski over 4 years ago

Hello Developers,

i need to extend the time booking function for our own redmine system.

1.Time booking
time from and time to are user defined fields and decimal time formats

i need a check of "(time to) - (time from) = hours" and fill the hours with the value of "(time to) - (time from)"
and a check of the right value of after the decimal point -> must be diveded with 5 with the result 0 : 10.50 -> 50 diveded by 5 =10.0 with a 0 value after the decimal point.

time from :10.50
time to :12.00
hours :1.50

2.Duplicate check of the booking records

User time from time to hours
Bernd 10.50 12.00 1.50

It should be not allowed to creat a record wir the same values or within the range of time from and time to or starting and ending in existing records

Not allowed:

Bernd 10.50 12.00 1.50 Duplicate Record
Bernd 10.00 12.25 2.25 Span over existing record
Bernd 10.50 11.00 0.50 Start and ending in existing reocrd
Bernd 10.50 12.25 1.75 Start and ending outside the existing record
Bernd 11.00 11.50 0.50 Inside an existing record


Bernd 10.00 10.50 2.25
Bernd 12.00 13.50 1.50

if some one is intrested,please contact me.

kindly regards

Bernd Malyszewski /CEO

Ulanenplatz 2

63452 Hanau