Looking for contractor to assist with upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0 including plugins

Added by Erik Moeller over 4 years ago

Hi folks,

Freedom of the Press Foundation is seeking contract help to assist with an upgrade of our support portal at from the 3.4 series to the 4.0 series of Redmine. This will entail updates to plugins that we're using, including the OpenPGP fork at . Our preference is for the work to be done on a time and materials basis, i.e. you invoice us for the hours worked. We are based in the US and prefer to pay in USD, but can work with folks outside the US. The contractor will have to sign an NDA.

Please contact me at <> and include some information about your previous experience with Redmine upgrades, plus the typical hourly rate you charge for your services. :)


Erik Moeller
Principal Project Manager, Freedom of the Press Foudnation