Defect #10801

Issues list occasionally doesn't list all columns

Added by Matt Brown almost 11 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:1.3.1



I have an issue where occasionally the issue lists of projects does not return all the columns. It appears to be unpredictably caused, but does appear that the some controller actually performs a set of queries that returns different info.

I was able to enable at the :debug log level and log access to an issue list both when the issue occurred and when it didn't.

Please see the following two logs:
All columns present in issue list:
Some columns not present in issue list:

The current "resolution" for us is to enable debugging (very odd) then clear the caches, then restart apache (we are using passenger) several times (some times restarting onces fixes the issue, some times now). Once the issue list is returned, if I disable the verbose debugging level, the issue list will not be returned; once re-enabled, it will be.

I am unsure whether or not to upgrade to the latest 1.3.x stable if this issue exists.

Please advise.

Full disclosure: I had an instance of 0.8.4 that I migrated from and had a lot of trouble. The main reasoning I am posting this here is because I do not understand how it's possible for it to work some of the time, and not all of the time.



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