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I have a problem with linking issues with a proper relationship. For example, issue A lasts from 02/23/2012 to 02/30/2012. Task B is connected with the issue A with a proper relationship, which prohibits issue B to give an end(due)date later(after) than the ending(due)date of the issue A. Task B can take only the date of the task A.

It is very necessary to me, because I supervise a very large project. I developed the main project in which I have the main process(task) specific by start and end date. Now, to that main project I created sub-projects, which are departments of our company and within those sub-projects are carried out some issues(tasks), which can not cross the ending(due) date of main process(task) from the main project.

Now we have in REDMINE only related issues like:

  1. related to
  2. duplicates
  3. duplicated by
  4. blocks
  5. blocked by
  6. precedes
  7. follows

I think we need one more...

I'll be very grateful for Your help.

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Duplicate of #7849.

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