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Filtering with Due Date in less than N days should show overdue issues

Added by Al McNicoll almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Target version:2.2.0
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I appreciate that this is similar to other requests about date ranges and so forth, but I believe it is a distinct issue.

We have an issues filter that shows items due in the next 14 days (we use it with the reminder emails plugin). The query includes a filter "Due Date" + "in less than" + "14 days".

Some items are overdue - that is, in my mind, they are due in -n days. As any negative integer is less than 14, my assumption was that they would be included - however they're not.

Is this expected behaviour? I appreciate that this may be a decision taken during development rather than a bug, but if so then I cannot see a way to include items that are overdue in the same query.

If this is expected behaviour, I suppose this could be merged with #3868 (it could be achieved with two filters combined with an OR operator), however I suspect that I'm not the only person who would think that -n < n in this respect.

Redmine 1.3.2, MySQL 5.5 backend.

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Revision 10768
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Changes how relative date filters work and adds specific filters for filtering dates in past/next n days (#11426).

Revision 10769
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Filling locales (#11426).


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Fixed in r10768. The behaviour of the existing filter was changed as you proposed and a new filter was added to specificaly filter dates in the N next days:
  • "in less than 3 days": [date] <= today + 3 days
  • "in the next 3 days": today <= [date] <= today + 3 days

#3 Updated by Egidijus Zideckas over 9 years ago

-1. Let me explain why.

To my mind list of available date operators is too big, hard to figure out for inexperience user. This change makes it even bigger longer :(

I tried to figure out differences between two operators while making new labels translation, at first new filters seem just duplicates:
  • "less than days 3 ago" : today - 3 <= [date]
  • "in the past 3 days" : today - 3 <= [date] <= today
    Only after checking source code found this thin difference.

I'd stick with less but clear to understand list operators which are covering 95% of cases.

#4 Updated by Egidijus Zideckas over 9 years ago

At least I propose to change names of operators:

  • "less than days 3 ago" => "later than 3 days ago"
  • "in less than 3 days" => "earlier than in 3 days"


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