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Thai Character Not Display Correctly Using PDF Export

Added by Gampol Thitinilnithi about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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I'm using Redmine 0.7.devel.1415 (MySQL)
The problem occur when i export pdf file from issue module, that the character not display correctly (as image)

I use to have same problem with CSV export but can correct with following setting in /lang/th.yml
general_csv_encoding: cp874
general_pdf_encoding: cp874

When i print using fineprint pdf factory everything is fine
Please see attach redmine.pdf and fineprint.pdf

thai-character.jpg (120 KB) Gampol Thitinilnithi, 2008-05-05 06:30

redmine.PDF (1.91 KB) Gampol Thitinilnithi, 2008-05-05 06:30

fineprint.PDF (28.1 KB) Gampol Thitinilnithi, 2008-05-05 06:30

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#1 Updated by Viktor Kuzmin about 14 years ago

The same is with russian language.

PDF font is corrupted - no symbols except standart ASCII.

#2 Updated by Chaoqun Zou about 14 years ago

I think that you maybe have to add Thai support to rfpdf.
If you read rfpdf's changelog, you will find that it have only add support to chinese, japanese and korean.
But rfpdf's original version FPDF do have support to Thai.

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 years ago

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Duplicates #856.

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