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Repository history problems following svn mv

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When viewing history of an svn repository in the Repository/ tab, "svn mv"'d files don't behave well.

The view shows all the previous revisions of the file, including under its old name, as expected. But diffs between some versions don't work, either they show a blank page or "The entry or revision was not found in the repository.". The pattern seems to be that diffs where one revision has the new name are OK, but diffs entirely between revisions with the old name are not.

This seems similar to issue 3832, but that was for git, and is marked resolved.

It may be relevant that previously a file of the old name existed.
ie, the history is something like:

svn add foo bar
svn commit
  1. edit foo and bar
    svn commit
    svn rm bar
    svn mv foo bar
    svn commit

And it's the first two revisions I can't take a diff between.

Unfortunately I don't know any information about the version of redmine, I'm just a user. It's the instance here:

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Duplicate with #2493.

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