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Sorting forum message list by "Last message" (="updated_on") does not work correctly

Added by Anonymous about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I noticed this bug on the official Redmine forum itself, in particular on

I.e. I am asking it to show me the messages according to the date they were last updated, in descending order. This way, the most recently message should be displayed first (well, except for sticky messages). But this does not work correctly. E.g. right now, it shows me
in position three, that message was last updated 6 days ago (2013-03-27).

At position 6 of the list, there is
which was lasted updated 17 days ago (2013-03-17).

And then it has in position 11
which was lasted updated 5 days ago (2013-03-28)

Clearly something is wrong. Note that there are many more similar examples.

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Is duplicate of Redmine - Defect #12243: Ordering forum replies by last reply date is brokenClosedJean-Philippe Lang

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Updated by Etienne Massip about 10 years ago

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Dupe of #12243, not yet fixed in

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Updated by Anonymous about 10 years ago

But #12243 is closed, while the problem is still present. So it seems a bit odd to me that this issue now is getting closed. Shouldn't it be kept open (possible renamed to something like "sorting forums by 'last updated' date is broken" until the actual issue is resolved on, too? Ideally, resolution would not just mean "we wait until all messages visible on the first page of the forum overview are sorted"), but rather would also cover fixing the updated_on column for older messages. This should be doable, as all the information can be recovered from the messages in each thread, shouldn't it? So I guess a relatively simple script should do it, and I am sure other redmine admins would love to have such a script, too, in order to fix their incorrect data in the repository, too.

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Updated by Etienne Massip about 10 years ago

There is no incorrect data persisted; the sort is based directly on messages data and was failing before being fixed for 2.2.4. has a lightly specific upgrade policy and does not have this fix included yet.

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Updated by Anonymous about 10 years ago

Aha, now I see. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain, Etienne!


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