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Issues with migrate_from_trac.rake from trac 0.12/1.0 (possible solutions provided)

Added by Dominic Ouellet about 8 years ago.

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First of all, I would like to thank all contributors on this very useful project.

I've have noticed a couple of issues while attempting to migrate a trac 1.0.1 project to redmine, all related to the wiki migration.

1. Losing lines that contains "inline {{{...}}}" tags in them, like this ".. some text {{{some highlighted/formated text}}} and so on ...". Those lines would be replaced with "pre" tag in the output. I've modified the script so they remain as is, not pretty but at least we are not losing content.

2. Images where not converted from "Image(abc.jpg)" to "!abc.jpg!", which makes for a lot of manual modifications in large wiki.

3. PageOutline tags were not modified to "{{>toc}}" tags, which also makes for a lot of manual modifications in large wiki.

4. File attachments were not migrated for issues and wiki pages.

Thanks to migrate_trac2redmine for the trac 1.0 attachments management code, I've adapted it for Redmine 2.6.

I have provided a patch file and the whole script, I hope that it's OK. The patch would break pre trac 1.0 migration, so maybe that two scripts is the way to go.


migrate_from_trac_1_0.rake.patch Magnifier - patch from migrate_from_trac.rake (Redmine 2.6) (7.67 KB) Dominic Ouellet, 2014-12-16 19:03

migrate_from_trac._1_0.rake Magnifier - full script (31.1 KB) Dominic Ouellet, 2014-12-16 19:03

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