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export message as PDF

Added by John Wang over 5 years ago.

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Just as the export feature of wiki module, Is it possible to export a message in a forum as PDF or other format ?

Maybe the new version has already had this feature and I missed when I search ?

Some background of our usecase:

We use redmine-2.3.2(I know it's old, it's just that we have not got time to upgrade).
Internally in our company, We use forum(instead of wiki) module as an online publication of official product information and/or idea-sparks of developers. The reasons we don't use wiki for this are:

  1. Message in forum allows users to comment(i.e., reply), wiki does not.
  2. Our developers have not built up mature wiki culture, they will mess up the content(most of them don't even know what's textile or markdown).

Also available in: Atom PDF